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Google is dropping support for H.264 from its Chrome browser in favor of WebM, its own open source, royalty-free codec, as well as the Foundation's Theora widgetry because they're open source and the currently free but patent-bearing H.264, arguably the web's video standard, ain't. Google blogged that "We expect even more rapid innovation in the web media platform in the coming year and are focusing our investments in those technologies that are developed and licensed based on open web principles. To that end, we are changing Chrome's HTML5 support to make it consistent with the codecs already supported by the open Chromium project. Specifically, we are supporting the WebM (VP8) and Theora video codecs, and will consider adding support for other high-quality open codecs in the future. Though H.264 plays an important role in video, as our goal is to enable op... (more)

Linux Sets New World Performance Record

The first TPC-H one-terabyte benchmark on Linux has just been achieved. The honor goes to Oracle Database 10g with a record-setting result of 9,950.7 QphH@1000GB. The achievement is the result of a 3-way collaboration between Lenovo - a Chinese hardware manufacturer and member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Oracle's China Development Center in Beijing Oracle's Server Technologies Group in Redwood Shores, CA. Details of the system benchmarked: a four-node Lenovo Cluster Server DeepComp 6800, each with four Intel Itanium 2 1.3 GHz processors running Oracle(R) Database 10g with Real Application Clusters and the Linux operating system. The record-setting result of 9,950.7 QphH@1000GB  - TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric  - certainly corroborates Oracle's claims of high performance on Linux using clustering technology. "This was the first time Oracle and Lenov... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Lutris Technologies, Inc.

SYS-CON Radio Host Keith Brown interviews David H. Young, Chief Evangelist, Lutris Technologies, Inc. Click here to listen {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Matt Link, H&W Computer Systems

SYS-CON Radio talked to Matt Link, an account executive with H&W, about their enterprise software solutions. Click here to listen to the interview... {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)

Xandros Aims at "Desktop-Driven Businesses" with Version 2.5

Xandros has just announced the release of version 2.5 of the Xandros Desktop OS. Maintaining its strong user focus and a concern for compatibility with legacy systems, Xandros Desktop 2.5 now offers an upgraded CrossOver Office 3.0.1., supporting Lotus Notes 6.5.1, Microsoft Project 2000/2002, and Microsoft Outlook XP. Current Xandros Desktop OS users can perform a single-click upgrade of CrossOver Office with Xandros Networks, the company says. Windows compatability has been upgraded: the 2.5 upgrade to the Deluxe and Business versions of the Xandros Desktop OS includes a special Xandros edition of CrossOver Office 3.0.1 to run Microsoft Office and other key Windows software. All versions of the Xandros Desktop OS now include Linux kernel 2.4.24 and version 1.6 of the Mozilla communications suite. "The Xandros Desktop OS excels in seamless network integration and cr... (more)

Bill Gates H-1B Remarks Miss the Mark

Bill Gates doesn't want to deny smart people the chance to come to this country. Speaking in front of politicians, this viewpoint should resonate well. After all, we're a nation of immigrants, and it's our smarts, our ingenuity, that makes America great, right? Yet the man is getting hammered (metaphorically) by people who think his view that to eliminate the H-1B visa would be a good thing is, in fact, disingenuous, cynical, greedful, and other bad things. With unemployment among programmers at levels that probably exceed 50%, if you count all the "independent contractors" and "consultants" making almost nothing, as well as those who have simply given up and found work in construction or sales, the idea of allowing unlimited numbers of immigrant programmers who will presumably work for below-market wages is going to be controversial. Actually, it's going to be very, ... (more)

Oracle 10g Release 2 Claims World Record

Oracle has announced what it calls a new record-breaking TPC-H three terabyte (TB) data warehousing benchmark for Oracle Database 10g Release 2. Running on an IBM eServer p5 595 system with 64 1.9 GHz IBM POWER5 processors using the IBM AIX 5L V5.3 operating system, Oracle Database 10g Release 2 achieved record performance of 100,512.3 QphH@/3000GB with a price-performance ratio of $53.00/QphH@3000GB. "This new world record demonstrates the value of Oracle Database 10g Release 2 for those customers seeking a great performing database for their mission-critical deployments," said Oracle Vice President of Server Performance, Richard Sarwal. "For over 25 years, Oracle has set the industry standard for performance, enabling customers to achieve unmatched value with the strength and innovation of the Oracle Database." This benchmark adds to the extensive list of Oracle Datab... (more)

ILOG JRules Enables Option One to Streamline Mortgage Lending Processes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and PARIS, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ILOG(R) (Nasdaq: ILOG; Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) today announced that Option One Mortgage Corporation, a national residential mortgage lender and subsidiary of H&R Block Inc., has deployed a key offering in ILOG's Business Rule Management System (BRMS) product line, ILOG JRules(TM), to build both its mortgage pre-qualification system as well as its automated underwriting system. Option One selected ILOG JRules to enable faster turnaround times on loan qualifications and loan approvals, increase decision making flexibility, and improve risk management for regulatory compliance. Mortgage loan qualification involves adherence to numerous and often changing internal policies and external regulations. When these underlying business rules are hard-coded in business software, the results are diminish... (more)

IBM and HP Fight Over Growing Linux and Other Blade Markets

HP made a big to-do Wednesday when it rolled out what it claims is a "breakthrough" blade architecture that will save customers millions of dollars building out their data centers. It calls the thing BladeSystem c-Class or, if not that, then an "adaptive infrastructure in a 17-inch box." HP's only real competitor is IBM, which has garnered 40% of the blades market to HP's 36% and HP made it patently clear it intends to close the gap. It wants nothing more than to trade in IBM Bladecenters for its machine. Having watched the webcast, IBM claims a clear case of déjà vu, accusing HP of copying. There's "no original thought," its spokesmen scoffed. IBM also accused HP of committing the mortal sin of not being backward compatible and dropping its existing p-Class blade customers down a hole. For all of HP's talk of continuing to upgrade them through 2007 and support them throu... (more)

Jesus Phone Makes a New Mobile AJAX Platform

iPhone, one of the most hyped products ever and occasionally called the "Jesus phone" like it was the Second Coming, is about to hit the market so Apple figured it had better say "one more thing" before it casts off. The gadget is going to be able to access YouTube content. IPhone will be the first mobile device to take advantage of YouTube's new H.264-encoded format, which is supposed to improve video quality and preserve battery life. This, and AJAX, we're told, makes it a platform, not to say the newest high school fashion accessory, although third-party programmers say they are barred from creating real applications. Apple upgraded the battery to be good for a critic-addressing, still-to-be-proven eight hours of talk time, double what rivals like RIM and Palm can do. That's supposed to translate into six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback, 24 hou... (more)

Start-up Tickles MySQL into Making a Quantum Leap

A two-year-old start-up came out of the woodwork this week claiming to have turned MySQL – which, let’s face it, has its limits – into the best darn data warehouse in the world bar none and to have the price/performance benchmarks to prove it. It has in hand TPC-H scores that break previous price/performance records, coming in at 70 cents per $/QphH in the 100GB category. The name of this prodigy is, appropriately enough, Kickfire and what it’s done is develop what it calls a “revolutionary” SQL chip – “revolutionary” if for no other reason than there’s never been one before. This chip (and you can’t call it a processor) does for SQL what Nvidia did for graphics, the company said, and offloads the SQL from the general-purpose CPU to rev performance. It claims the patented dingus packs the wallop of te... (more)