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The first TPC-H one-terabyte benchmark on Linux has just been achieved. The honor goes to Oracle Database 10g with a record-setting result of 9,950.7 [email protected] The achievement is the result of a 3-way collaboration between Lenovo - a Chinese hardware manufacturer and member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork Oracle's China Development Center in Beijing Oracle's Server Technologies Group in Redwood Shores, CA. Details of the system benchmarked: a four-node Lenovo Cluster Server DeepComp 6800, each with four Intel Itanium 2 1.3 GHz processors running Oracle(R) Database 10g with Real Application Clusters and the Linux operating system. The record-setting result of 9,950.7 [email protected] - TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric  - certainly corroborates Oracle's claims of high performance on Linux using clustering technology. "This was the first time Oracle and Lenov... (more)

McNealy: "They Won't Let Me Start a Blog"

Related Links: Schwartz: "Sun and Microsoft Agree" (But Sun and IBM Don't) Tim Bray: "iPod? Blackberry? Texting? Not For Me, Thanks" Where Is Sun Going with Linux? McNealy: "Sun Is Not Proprietary, Just As IBM Is Not Bankrupt" So, how well-read would it be? Scott McNealy has been hypothesizing that "It would be very well-read," even though - so he explains - he can't start one because he has "to play a little bit more like Switzerland" and be neutral. (Oh, that would be a McNealy first right there.) Yes, "CEO Blogging" is back in the headlines again. So, should he or shouldn't he? Presumably McNealy would be more than welcome to join The International Club of CEO Bloggers - led by Guillaume du Gardier who describes himself as "CEO and Blogger" (for the curious, CEO Bloggers' Club comes out in French as "Club des PDG Blogueurs" - so now you know!) McNealy, were he ever... (more)

Jesus Phone Makes a New Mobile AJAX Platform

iPhone, one of the most hyped products ever and occasionally called the "Jesus phone" like it was the Second Coming, is about to hit the market so Apple figured it had better say "one more thing" before it casts off. The gadget is going to be able to access YouTube content. IPhone will be the first mobile device to take advantage of YouTube's new H.264-encoded format, which is supposed to improve video quality and preserve battery life. This, and AJAX, we're told, makes it a platform, not to say the newest high school fashion accessory, although third-party programmers say they are barred from creating real applications. Apple upgraded the battery to be good for a critic-addressing, still-to-be-proven eight hours of talk time, double what rivals like RIM and Palm can do. That's supposed to translate into six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback, 24 hou... (more)

Showtime: Bringing the Co-Web to a Screen Near You!

The Co-Web, the collaborative, media converged Web, is upon us. The Co-Web is interpersonal; it is about getting work done together. It is much more than surfing a YouTube/Google Map mashup while Twittering with co-workers. Showtime uses those same technologies to build a Co-Web page where we all interact on the same data at the same time, see the same context and make better decisions as a result. A Showtime Co-Web application uses the same standards as a normal mashup - OpenAJAX plus XMPP, RTP/RTSP and H.264 - yet remakes the mashup as the Co-Web. For the Co-Web - It's Showtime! Register for AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo Submit Your Paper to Present a Session Sponsor AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo Speaker Bio: Andrew Donoho, Web Theorist with IBM's Emerging Internet Technology Team, has a long history working with both Web standards and implementations. He was an... (more)

Google Rallies WebM Alliance to Fight Patent Threats

Google has formed a new group called WebM Community Cross License initiative in order to protect its WebM video codec from patent attacks. Under this collaboration, group members will license WebM-related patents to each other under royalty-free terms. So far sixteen companies are involved in this launch including AMD, Cisco, LG and Samsung, browser makers Opera and Mozilla. This move on part of Google is certainly a defensive one to protect WebM’s reputation as a royalty free and open codec considering that MPEG LA , the patent pool organization which handles licensing for the H.264 video codec has reportedly been inspecting a similar patent-pool license for VP8 and WebM. The WebM project was announced by Google in 2009 when it open sourced video codec VP8 , the technology that it procured from its acquisition of On2 Technologies. It is an alternative method of we... (more)

Google’s WebM Codec Allegedly Treads on 12 Pairs of Toes

MPEG LA, the royalty-collecting agency for AVC/H.264 and other multimedia codecs, told Streaming Media that 12 patent holders have responded to its call for submissions from folks who think the VP8 video codec, a key element in Google's "royalty-free" WebM codec widgetry, infringes on their IP. MPEG LA has yet to name names. Patent watcher Florian Mueller calls 12 a "high number" that could increase in the future and figures there's an "overlap between those 12 companies and the ones that contributed to MPEG LA's AVC/H.264 pool." MPEG LA's next step would be to form a VP8 license pool, fix a rate and work out how to divvy up the money. Apparently negotiations are underway. It's unclear what happened to that open source-leaning Justice Department look at whether MPEG LA was, as the Wall Street Journal described it, "trying to smother a free rival technology for delive... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Lutris Technologies, Inc.

SYS-CON Radio Host Keith Brown interviews David H. Young, Chief Evangelist, Lutris Technologies, Inc. Click here to listen {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)

SYS-CON Radio talks to John Baisch, senior product manager, H&W

SYS-CON Radio talks to John Baisch, senior product manager at H&W, about their enterprise software solutions. Click here to listen to the interview... {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)

SYS-CON Radio Interviews Matt Link, H&W Computer Systems

SYS-CON Radio talked to Matt Link, an account executive with H&W, about their enterprise software solutions. Click here to listen to the interview... {interview in MP3 format} ... (more)

Xandros Aims at "Desktop-Driven Businesses" with Version 2.5

Xandros has just announced the release of version 2.5 of the Xandros Desktop OS. Maintaining its strong user focus and a concern for compatibility with legacy systems, Xandros Desktop 2.5 now offers an upgraded CrossOver Office 3.0.1., supporting Lotus Notes 6.5.1, Microsoft Project 2000/2002, and Microsoft Outlook XP. Current Xandros Desktop OS users can perform a single-click upgrade of CrossOver Office with Xandros Networks, the company says. Windows compatability has been upgraded: the 2.5 upgrade to the Deluxe and Business versions of the Xandros Desktop OS includes a special Xandros edition of CrossOver Office 3.0.1 to run Microsoft Office and other key Windows software. All versions of the Xandros Desktop OS now include Linux kernel 2.4.24 and version 1.6 of the Mozilla communications suite. "The Xandros Desktop OS excels in seamless network integration and cr... (more)

PANTA Systems Sets Industry Record TPC-H One Terabyte Clustered Benchmark Result Running Oracle With Linux

PANTA Systems published a new record-setting TPC-H One Terabyte (TB) benchmark running Oracle Database 10g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters with Linux1. This is both the fastest and best price/performance TPC-H One TB result for clustered environments. The benchmark employed an 8-node PANTAmatrix with PANTA’s native InfiniBand storage, and achieved a record-breaking performance of 59,353.9 [email protected] with a price-performance ratio of [email protected] “The PANTAmatrix platform delivers superior performance, scalability and reliability for large data warehouses through its massive I/O capacity and high performance, cost-effective scale-out storage,” said Fred van den Bosch, CEO, PANTA Systems. “This benchmark shows that PANTAmatrix running Oracle Database10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters provides comparable performance at... (more)